Ph.D. in Nutrition and Food Science

Today’s interest in healthy lifestyles is translating into a remarkable range of career opportunities related to diet, fitness, and health. Florida State University’s doctoral program in Human Sciences, Nutrition and Food Science major, prepares students to pursue careers in a wide variety of health-related careers as well as academia.  It is a research intensive and competency-based program.  Current research includes body composition, functional food, chronic disease and aging response, food allergy, and safety/quality detection methods. 

This major has two (2) areas of specialization; Food Science and Nutrition Science. 

A Dietetic Internship (+DI) may be available to those who qualify.

Application Process

For requirements on applying to the program, curriculum and more information, please visit the Admission Information page for the doctoral program in Nutrition and Food Science.


A related degree is required and the completion of core coursework for the associated master’s degree program offered at FSU (or the equivalent) is highly recommended.  (These courses may be found on the curriculum sheets posted on the master's academic pages.