Nutrition & Food Science

Degree: Master's of Science in Food and Nutrition
Major: Nutrition and Food Science (available with or without dietetics internship)
Specializations: Food Science, Nutrition Science, and Nutrition Education & Health Promotion

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Florida State University’s leading-edge programs in Nutrition and Food Science are preparing students to pursue a wide variety of health-related careers through a series of rigorous courses in each program that provides a firm foundation plus essential scientific and technical knowledge and practical skills. Targeted coursework allows students to learn the professional, technical, and interpersonal aspects of their career.

The Nutrition & Food Science program has three (3) areas of specialization: Nutrition Science, Nutrition Education & Health Promotion, and Food Science. The Nutrition Science specialization focuses on laboratory research in nutrition while the Nutrition Education & Health Promotion emphasizes nutrition counseling and community outreach.  The Food Science program also has a strong research element that explores the nature of foods, food safety, and food processing.

A dietetics internship option is built into the each major's curriculum, for those who are interested in working in a clinical setting and have completed the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD).  This option only available to our graduate students and is completed in conjunction with one of the eligible degree programs.


Satisfactory grades must be earned in all prerequisite courses; minimums greater than a C are listed by the course. The required prerequisite undergraduate courses for the Master's in Nutrition and Food Science, by specialty are:

Nutrition Science
  • Organic Chemistry I & II + Lab (or the equivalent)
  • Intro to Biochemistry
  • Metabolism of Nutrients I & II
  • Anatomy & Physiology I + Lab
    (C+ or better)
  • Science of Nutrition (B minus or better); and
  • any prerequisites for the courses listed
Nutrition Education & Health Promotion
  • Organic Chemistry I & II + Lab (or the equivalent)
  • Intro to Biochemistry
  • Metabolism of Nutrients I & II
  • Anatomy & Physiology I + Lab
    (C+ or better)
  • Science of Nutrition (B minus or better); and
  • any prerequisites for the courses listed
Food Science
  • Organic Chemistry I & II + Lab
  • Microbiology
  • Intro to Biochemistry,
  • Foods + Lab
  • Food Science + lab; and
  • any prerequisites for the courses listed

If applying to the master’s program +DI: those majoring in Nutrition Science or Nutrition Education & Health Promotion may substitute Survey of Organic Chemistry for Organic Chemistry I & II + Lab. Students applying to any specialty listed above must have completed (or be in the process of completing) the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) requirements before being eligible to apply for the dietetic internship.

Admissions Requirements

  1. An upper-division undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. The same scale applies for graduate-level work.
  2. A bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited university.
  3. Prerequisites must be completed before you enter the program; applicants that have not completed all prerequisites as per transcripts submitted (or cannot prove that he/she will complete the courses prior to completing their current degree) will be denied admission. Please see individual program requirements above.
  4. A competitive Graduate Record Examination revised General Test (GRE) score; recommended score of above the 50th percentile (approximately 150) in both verbal and quantitative sections with a 4.0 or higher on the writing section. Please note that it can take up to ten (10) days after sitting for the GRE for an official score report to be sent to the university.
  5. International students must have an official TOEFL score of at least 550 (paper-based) or 80 (Internet-based) to meet university requirements. Our department does not accept other English proficiency examinations (i.e. IELTS).
  6. A visit to the department is encouraged. Please contact us at to schedule your visit. Before you submit your online application and pay the application fee, you should directly contact graduate faculty members in your area of interest to determine availability and recommend experiences and qualifications regarding mentorship in internships, practica, research and other hands-on experiences.

Attainment of these minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the program. Admission decisions are based on assessments of all aspects of the student’s application materials. The department reserves the right to increase standards if warranted by enrollment limitations and by the number and quality of applicants. Financial aid is a separate process from the admission to a graduate program. Other requirements, outside of the admissions application, must be met to qualify for an assistantship.

Application Process & Deadlines

Only complete applications will be reviewed. This program admits in the fall (April 1 application deadline) and spring (October 1 application deadline) semesters. All application materials must be received by the deadlines posted. However, in order to be considered for an assistantship, admissions applications should be completed earlier (February 1 for fall and July 1 for spring).

If applying for the Dietetic Internship (+DI) to start in the fall semester, we must receive all admissions application materials for the master’s program by the preceding December 15.

  1. Apply Online and pay the application fee.
    • Upload a personal statement (a.k.a. statement of purpose) outlining your research interests and career goals. Include how your background and prior training make you a good candidate; why Florida State University is a good fit for you. You must state whether you wish to pursue the Food Science specialization, Nutrition Science specialization, or the Nutrition Education and Health Promotion specialization. If also initially applying to the dietetic internship (see notes below), please state this clearly. We strongly encourage applicants to familiarize themselves with the research interests of the faculty in their area of specialization. In the statement, please indicate your top choices of faculty members with whom you would like to work.
    • Upload a resume or vita (information should be current).
    • Upload contact information for three recommenders. The recommenders should be professionals you have worked with who are familiar with your academic performance and can speak directly about your qualification for this degree. Academic recommendations are preferred, but relevant professional recommendations will be accepted. No personal recommendations or letters from peers will be accepted.
  2. Submit official test scores (GRE and, if required, TOEFL) to the FSU Office of Admissions. The school reporting code for test scores is 5219; no department code is required.
  3. Submit official transcripts (with translations if necessary) to the FSU Office of Admissions. We require transcripts from EVERY post-secondary institution you attended (even if those courses are posted to another institution’s transcript).

Please allow a minimum of ten (10) business days for the Office of Admissions to process your incoming materials.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us at


  1. All admitted master’s students are assigned to the non-thesis track. If after the first semester you are in good academic standing and have the support of your temporary advisor, you may apply to be switched to the thesis track.
  2. For excellent master’s students, a bypass to the PhD degree may be possible based on academic performance during the first year of study.
  3. For those students who wish to pursue a Registered Dietitian (RD) credential in the U.S., NFES offers a Dietetic Internship (+DI) that may be completed concurrently with our Food and Nutrition master’s degree. Masters students that have completed the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) undergraduate courses may be eligible to apply to +DI. For more information about +DI, please visit their webpage.