CHS Graduate Programs Open House

Open to anyone interested in the graduate programs offered at the College of Human Sciences

  • Thursday, October 12th 2017
  • 1:00pm - 4:00pm
  • FSU College of Human Sciences (meeting location)
    Sandels Building, Rm. 242-M
    120 Convocation Way
    Tallahassee, FL 32306


What is it?

The CHS Graduate Open House is held annually in the fall and offers an opportunity for prospective graduate students to explore graduate education in The College of Human Sciences at Florida State University.

Want to know more about graduate programs? The FSU Career Center is available for questions. Additionally, the university hosts workshops throughout the year to provide you with general information about graduate school.



The tour location and times are listed below. You can also download PDFs of schedules.

View Nutrition, Food & Exercise Sciences Schedule

View Family & Child Sciences Schedule


Contact the CHS Office of Research & Graduate Studies:

Build Your Own Tour

Building Major (specialization) Faculty Room Time
ISSM Research Facility Exercise Physiology (sports nutrition) Dr. Ormsbee N/A 1:00-2:00, 2:00-3:00
The Family Institute Family & Child Sciences N/A N/A 1:00 & 1:30
Center for Couple & Family Therapy Family & Child Sciences N/A N/A 1:00 & 1:30
Sandels (SAN) Exercise Physiology (physical function & mobility) Dr. Panton 100-C 1:00-1:30
Sandels (SAN) Exercise Physiology (muscle) Dr. Kim 440 2:00-3:00
Sandels (SAN) Nutrition Science (CAERNA) Dr. Arjmandi 412 1:00-4:00
Sandels (SAN) Nutrition Science Dr. Salazar 442-D 1:30-2:00
Sandels (SAN) Food Science (food chemistry & biochemistry) Dr. Sathe 442-C 3:30-4:00
Sandels (SAN) Food Science (food safety & quality) Dr. Rao 423 3:30-4:00
Sandels (SAN) Marriage and Family Therapy Dr. McWey 234 2:00-4:00
Sandels (SAN) Human Development & Family Sciences Dr. Gonzales-Baken 234 2:00-4:00
William Johnson (WJB) Exercise Physiology (sports nutrition) Dr. Hickner 1100 1:00-4:00
Bio-Medical Research Facility (BRF) Exercise Physiology (vascular physiology) Dr. Evanson 221 3:30-4:00
Bio-Medical Research Facility (BRF) Exercise Physiology (cardiac arrhythmia in exercise) Dr. Hwang 219 3:30-4:00
Bio-Medical Research Facility (BRF) Exercise Physiology (regulation of skeletal muscle mass & function) Dr. Gordon 234 3:30-4:00